You may
have seen plenty of tips on what you should do so your Facebook page becomes more
popular, but not all tips are based on the right thing to do, sometimes the
important thing might just be what not to do.

We’ve gathered five attitudes to stay away from, helping you not to fall into
temptation when it comes to Facebook. Check below!

1– Don’t be repetitive
Facebook, when someone starts to follow you – or your company – it might be for
a few reasons: interest, to stay on top of all the posted information, or even to
be able to ask questions more easily.

In one way or another, people seek interaction with you or your brand, right? With
that in mind, if you keep repeating the same content every day, you may drive
them away from your profile or your page.

Remember: users have become more critical and less tolerant to whatever they
don’t like. Endlessly repeating a text, a photo or a video is not the best way
to retain your audience.

If you want a post to reach more people and engage more interaction, there are
other tools Facebook offers you such as: placing it at the top of the page
(highlighted) or even boosting the posts.
2– Don’t copy content from other pages
You may
have read in several places that “content is king” and it really is.
In the digital age, where everything and everyone is connected, it is important
to draw attention and to this end, a great content is imperative.

No matter how much you appreciate another page and find phrases and postings
interesting, do not copy! Try creating your own content, research your pictures
or videos and create a brand new text. If you still decide to copy content,
please provide the credits to avoid future headaches, okay?
3– Don’t be over-the-top
is a social network that accepts everyone, from teenagers to the elderly, that
is, the whole family is there. For this reason, this social network has a
strong policy against images and videos containing nudity or strong content.

Keep away from explicit or racy posts. You can always use insinuation, even
when the company is intended to legal age users, such as motels and sex shops.
Humor is a good resource in these cases, but always use moderately.
4- Don’t buy likes
some people, buying likes to your page can be quite tempting. Everyone wants to
be popular quickly, right? However, the tip is: do not buy likes!
In such
a case, we are talking about the quality of your followers. What good is having
a page with thousands of likes if nobody comments or shares your content?

Your fans need to like you and be willing to share or exchange ideas with your
posts. After all, Facebook is a social network, and interaction is much more
important than any other number.
5- Don’t get in trouble
tip is one of the most important! Remember: under no circumstances should you get
into trouble. If you are not good dealing with people and handling criticism,
let someone else manage your page.

When online, anyone can find your page and leave any type of the comment. If it
is positive, great! Thank and interact with the fan. If it is negative, don’t
worry about it, contact the person directly and try to solve in the best way

Try to understand what happened and never use foul language. Some companies
have had their image affected by cases like that.
Extra tip!
higher the number of fans and the reach of your profile or your page, the more
careful you should be online. For that purpose, use Beonpop online tool to help
you get good results on Facebook, with patience and wisdom.
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