Facebook is the most widely known
social network that is able to make a project or an
individual popular on the Internet. U.S. President Barack Obama is proof of
that. In his 2008 presidential campaign he used Facebook to his advantage, allowing
his government project to go viral.

Although he used other social
networks, Obama targeted Facebook to reach his voters in a more direct and
personal way. With that in mind, he hired Chris Hughes, one of Facebook founders.

With simple viral web strategies,
Hugues was able to secure popularity and credibility to the future U.S.
president. At that time, Barack Obama’s posts were among the most viral
Facebook posts ever.
Just like the U.S. President, you also can use
Facebook to your advantage and achieve popularity going viral on the internet.
You don’t know how to do that? Then read the five valuable tips we have
prepared for you.
1 – High quality posts
The first requirement to create anything
that goes viral on Facebook is quality. Your post must be high quality,
otherwise it won’t reach a large audience.
But what is a qualified post? It is
nothing more than using resources that arouse the reader’s interest, such as a
striking photo and a creative text. Besides earning many likes, your post will
be shared by a large number of people.

2- Creative and
The more interesting and innovative
the post is, the greater the chance your friends or followers will share its
content over the net. Avoid copying excerpts and posts from other pages; try to
be different to attract more people to everything you post on Facebook.
3 – Do unto others
what you would have others do unto you
This is one of the most important
tips. Before disseminating your post on Facebook, ask yourself: “Would I
share this?” Ask this question until you feel that the post would be
useful to someone, because if not even you would share this post, why someone
else would?
4 – Use the right ingredients
for a successful recipe
Some ingredients are needed for a
successful recipe. Among them is choosing the right people to start to go viral
with you, creating a “trigger” effect.

Another great ingredient is to promote your posts. How can we do that? Beonpop website has a tool called “Promos”, which is able to easily spread
your content.
5 – Assess the
popularity on the net
When positioning ourselves on social
networks, it is important to understand how popular we are. How often we get
likes and shares on common posts? Does the public interact through comments on
your posts?

Learning how you are seen on Facebook help you when going viral. One of the
tools that can assist you – a lot – is Beonpop.

When accessing Beonpop, connecting through your Facebook account, you will
learn how many friends are directly influenced by what you post, if your
profile is popular, influent or relevant, and the total percentage of likes,
comments and shares.

The tool serves as a guide so you may plan your next actions and make your
Facebook posts go viral. Take a test on the site!

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