Currently, Facebook
has more than 1.2 billion active users worldwide, with over 80 million users in
Brazil alone, being one of the countries with the greatest presence in this
social network. Despite America leadership in number of fan pages and
registered users, Brazilians are the ones who most interact on the network.
In the
meantime, amid so many offers and all kinds of content, many companies are
struggling to draw public attention and increase their popularity in the
virtual world.
Therefore, this post will present some tips
and strategies intended to change this situation and attract new page hits,
clicks and shares. Check out:
Quality original content
The best way to attract
users and make them return to your page is to produce interesting and
compelling content, arousing internet users curiosity regarding your product or
Surrounded by such abundance
of posts to which we are exposed on a daily basis, those who invest in quality content
– text, video and images – with touches of originality according to the brand
identity stand out. Always keep in mind that quantity is not the same as quality!
Between 70% to 80% of the your
posts’ content must be related to the topics in the segment you are engaged in,
while connected to what your audience demands or is interested in knowing. Only
the remaining 20% to 30% of the posts are to be aimed at selling products and
Remember that you are on
the internet. Nowadays most people surf the net in the street, in line at the
bank, at the doctor’s waiting room or while stuck in a traffic jam. So, create
short, light, dynamic, easy to understand and visually appealing content.
Focus on the human side of the customer
When generating content,
before thinking about profits or sales statistics, think about the human being,
the person who will buy your products. If your company sells sporting goods, try
to inform your followers about what equipment to use, where and how to practice
certain sports and also eating tips, for example.
If your company is a travel
agency, show your customers cool places to visit, cultural tips from other
countries, what to bring in your luggage, necessary documentation and related
Know your public
To touch your audience with
your content you need, first of all, to know them. To gain popularity and most
importantly, customer loyalty, you must understand their habits: what they buy,
what time they buy, at what time of the day they access your page, their age,
where they live, what they like, to what purpose they buy your product for.
Any information and data,
no matter how trivial they may seem, may say a lot about your customer, helping
you to direct the focus of your work and of your posts, further attracting and
creating loyal followers.
The content of the
information you will spread in the social media also varies according to your
goals. Each event calls for a different language and a structure.
perfect if you want to publicize a campaign, a video about the product. But if
you want to generate a debate on any topic or get feedback from your products
or services, a poll or a satisfaction survey may be the best option.
The language used in a
commemorative folder is completely different from the text used in an
informative piece. While the former supports a more laid back and funny
language, the second requires a more serious and formal tone.
If your goal is to attracting
and retaining customers, provide a communication channel on your page – many fan
pages disseminate information only, not interacting with their audience – ask
questions, “hear” criticism and forward additional information on a
particular subject, since the main focus of a social network, as the name
implies, is to socialize, promote interaction between the binomial person-person,
person-companies and companies-companies.
Anyone can create a profile
or a page on a social network. But knowing how to do it is important and does makes
a difference; and that’s where the secret or “leverage” to make
content go viral or attract users to their social media lies. Also, it’s vital
to pay attention to the habits and desires of your audience to the success of
your product or service.


If you have any other tip
or suggestion, leave your comment and share your ideas with us. See you next
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