There is a major difference between the
number of followers a person has
and his/her actual influence on a social network.
Influence is linked to
the interaction followers have with the profile and the reach of shared posts, i.e.
the relevance of what is published. Any user or page may present a lot of followers,
but that does not mean your posts are reaching a large audience.
In order to foster the
brand’s profile, some companies carry out some methods to increase the number
of followers on social media, such as promotions and sweepstakes. These
strategies result in more followers, but it’s important to measure the actual
engagement of new followers, so you may prepare strategies that will effectively
strengthen the brand on the internet and increase interaction with your
How to
measure the actual influence
Some people measure
popularity by the number of followers or the number of likes and shares that a particular
post receives, but for accurate, relevant data, it is necessary to go beyond
and evaluate more than those numbers, for example the profile of the followers.
Let’s say a post is
shared by ten people; the reach of these shares depends on the profile and
popularity of each one of those friends. Knowing the reach of each post is
critical to assess how many people may be influenced by them and also to define
digital marketing strategies. In doing so, results may be better measured and
evaluated. Based on this information, methods can be redefined to attract and
engage the target audience.
level and relationship with followers
Social, relevant,
influential or active: that’s how BeOnPop determine profiles on social networks,
its definition depends on how followers react to posts. When evaluating other
data, such as the influence evolution in the last month, it’s possible to
redefine strategies and change this level.
In other words, having
the right information on hands, you can change how followers interact with what
is posted. An active profile may increase your circle of influence, which is
formed by the people who are directly influenced by the posts. It is possible
to increase the reach of what is shared in the profile, just changing the way
we talk to current followers.
Why is important to
understand the actual influence of your profile
Monitoring the profile
influence evolution is key to sustain followers’ interest. Check out relevant
information to define digital marketing strategies:
  • How many people have interacted with your posts
    last month;
  • Followers’ ranking who interact the most with
    your profile and page;
  • Popularity ranking and analysis of followers’
Having access to these
information helps to define the followers’ profile while understanding what
keeps them interested. Knowing the followers and how they relate in the social
media is one of the best strategies to increase interaction and, consequently,
the circle of influence.
Such knowledge allows
you to share subjects that stimulate debate among followers, action that
extends the reach of the posted message. The result is a stronger, more engaging
relationship. So, followers are no longer just an abstract number and start to effectively
interact with the profile.
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