is the level of involvement, interaction, intimacy, and influence an individual
has with a brand over time.” – Brian Haven.

You can follow several metrics to measure your
brand’s performance on social media. However, one of the most important data is relative
to engagement, because it demonstrates whether the adopted communication is relevant to users or not. With that in
mind, we brought some tips for you, Facebook page administrator, so check it
1. Identify your brand ambassadors:
Do you know Beonpop’s
promo feature? You can identify a group of posts using hashtags as promotion
and monitor these posts’ popularity. Such feature makes dissemination easier, while
also increasing public adherence and engagement. Using promos, you’ll easily recognize
the most engaged and influential users of your timeline. These users are the
main ambassadors and promoters of your brand and they deserve incentives to carry
2. Get to know your public:
Don’t strictly obey what was reported to be the
best time to post. Use the analytics tool included on Facebook called insights
to get a variety of information about your public. You will learn at what time
your audience peaks and is more active, what’s the reach of your posts and
which posts had higher engagement. Additionally, you may use Beonpop to perform the A/B testing to find out what type of posting most pleases your audience.
3. Use images:
Posts containing images are four times more engaging
than text only posts. So pay close attention to this tip! Use this knowledge to convey your
message clearly. Also, consider investing in a paid image database,
if your budget is low, try searching for the best free options available.
4. Talking:
Talking to your fans is an important step. Enable
the reply comments option on Facebook and take time to interact with your fans.
Thank them for compliments, clarify any doubts they might have and learn how to
answer to criticism. Always be aware, interested and updated on issues that your
audience is interested on. Another tip to increase engagement in your
communication is to be fun when composing and answering messages.
5. Focus on content:


Create compelling content for your audience, tell
stories (don’t just describe facts). Promote your content on social networks that your brand participates. However, remember to
consider an optimal format for each network. For example, transforming your
image into a static video is not an ideal content to be distributed on YouTube.
This is a video sharing network, and therefore it’s expected that resources
from this type of media are explored.
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