Understanding competitors
is key to develop a marketing strategy aiming at overcoming them. The ideal is
to learn from pros and cons in order to create a relationship with the
customer. The internet is an ally in this task, especially if the competitors
also use it as a communication tool.

You can analyze different aspects both from your and your rival businesses,
helping with brand management and competition monitoring.
Monitoring competition activities may help you understand how they
operate, in times of crisis and in prosperous times. In addition to discovering
where they get it right you can also identify where they fail and take
advantage of it, acting where other companies fall short. Try not to copy them,
but rather enhance the positive ideas, understanding their faults. Monitoring
can be done over the web, carrying out systematic monitoring of the media operating
mainly in the convergent ones.
Monitoring allows understanding the sector, the customer behavior and also
identifying the most appropriate strategies. Note that learning how the
competition works is just as important as knowing your own business venture,
understanding their strategy and the roads they used to get where they are.
With this information on hand, you will be able to anticipate their actions and
reach that space that otherwise would be theirs.
Beonpop is an
app that runs on the browser itself, allowing you to monitor and analyze your
popularity and influence (and also from competitors) on social networks. Using
the app you will learn how people perceive the brand and the company; how many
people are influenced; how they interact and also the coverage on social media.
Featuring a simple interface, with charts and statistics showing the users’ profile,
most popular posts and their engagement.
The app measures users’ interaction
in Pops (Popularity Points), which may vary depending on the interaction among
friends on social networks. It works like this: Beonpop analyzes posts over the
past 30 days, then calculates the total Pops and also offers tips to increase
the Pops. In addition, the app presents the Compare feature whose function, as
the name suggests, is to compare your profile data against other Facebook
users, analyzing the difference in number of Pops, your influence and other
posts in the last 30 days.
In addition to social networks, you may visualize the competitors’
traffic compared to yours, i.e. how many visits it has versus the visits you
had on each day. Therefore, you may find out who is best positioned and what
adjustments can be made in your strategy. To assist you on this, Google Trends
was created, whose purpose is to perform the estimation and comparison of daily
visits of web pages.
The tool provides data on user volume and may be broken down according
to their region and language. An additional feature of Google Trends is the
visualization of search-terms. Starting from 2004, these data may include news
related to the search-terms, besides presenting likely reasons for the increase
or decrease of the quantitative search.


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