Today is quite rare to come across a person who isn’t a member in a social network on the internet.
Currently, Facebook ranks first in this category, with more registered people.

This highly interactive world is not populated only by ordinary people. Every day, more and more companies
find out that this universe is also appropriate to
cultivate a more direct contact with your audience,
as well as a good place to publicize
your latest news.
a feedback on the brand, the company itself and its impact on the public is also possible. To do so, however,
you must know which indicators should be
considered and which ones not
quite represent the reality,
but from time to time deceive those who are not very familiar with social networks.
to be used
You may use the measurements scheme using marketing to determine if your
profile on the social network is really being successful. The criteria that are
taken into account to reach such an outcome have to do with:
The time that Internet users spend on your Facebook profile;
time intervals
between profile visits;
  • How
    many times a particular page or profile is visited in one month;
  • Visits made in brick-and-mortar store after a campaign is launched on the Facebook page.
the marketing world, those criteria
can help us understand if a campaign
is going well. But the same criteria are also used to indicate whether a Facebook page is successful, performing its function of
spreading the brand and bringing
in to more
Don’t Be
Fooled By Vanity Metrics
Sometimes, because they
are not familiar with the social
network world, administrators or brand
owners are happy to come across
big numbers of what is usually called vanity metrics.
When owning a Facebook page, it´s possible to see different metrics,
showing increase in the number of Likes, for example. It may seem satisfactory
that a given page has been able to get a thousand Likes in three days, which
means that a thousand people started following that page. That is considered
vanity based data because it is not possible to know whether the number of sales of such company has
also increased along with the Likes.
Also hidden is the cost of getting new fans, plus a substantial part of
people click on the Like button impulsively and don’t even know what the page
is about.
Tips for measuring the impact
of your page
avoid this kind of mistake,
one must learn to truly measure the impact of your pages and campaigns. Consider the number of pageviews in a month. Better yet, provide shopping forms
on your website, so that interested people may fill it, presents
another great manner to measure how many people are really interested in buying products. And finally,
consider the number of people who actually
bought products after filling out the form.
Using our website you can
track all these metrics and get a good picture of how your page is performing.
Check it out!


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